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Students Work
Rahul Luthra
The Floral Cascade Design
The Design is inspired from one of the beautiful seasons 'Spring' where one can find flowers all around.The design shows a floral cascade with stones in shades of Pink. The orient pearl further beautifys the piece.
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Rajat Gupta
Camouflage Design
The piece is a brooch, as well as a pendant. Various techniques have been used but the technique of enameling stands out.It has been used to depict skin textures of a tiger on one side of the rotating medallion in the centre and a leopard skin on the other side. The design has been inspired by a never ending source of ideas in the fashion industry - African Allure, and the wildlife has always been an integral part of Africa
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Ravi Shankar Bajaj
Square Pendant Set Design
The Pendant Set is inspired from a basic geometrical shape 'Square' which is elevated & arranged like sand pyramids, in which the design shows a new look.
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Richa Khandelwal
Enameled Peacock Design
The pendant is merely depicting the bright and amazing colours as seen in a peacock. The green stone of the pendant enameled with lustrous red and blue colours appear as if a peacock is dancing on a bright rainy day with its feathers all spread wide and enjoying its colours to the fullest.
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Rina Dolwani
Primordial Struggle Design
This ring is inspired by the struggle for water in the desert and drought-prone regions of our earth, and the very important need for us to conserve water. The ring depicts the starving roots of a tree, spreading over a parched earth, trying desperately to find life giving water. The earth is shown as golden, rich in the bounty of minerals and precious stones, but lacking in the most important element - Water.
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