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Students Work
Mahima Verma
Sun's Glaring Sepals Design
This vibrant brooch consists of a blend of sun rays and leafy pattern. This design epitomizes the tradition as well as it celebrates the different styles of sun rays. To grace the look of the piece, techniques like enameling, frosting and channel setting have been used.
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Nikhita Puri
The Illusion Design
The earrings are an illusion made out of Emeralds & Rubies. It showcases the fusion & the mixture of a beautiful combination with a ruby as the center piece & to finish the illusion there are drops of golden pearls which adds to the beauty of the earrings.
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Parul Nagi
Nitya Design
This exquisitely designed bangle draws its inspiration from the symbol of good luck & prosperity in Hinduism - 'The Peacock'. This piece was crafted using wire work, granulation & enameling techniques for an apt depiction of the Peacock's exhilarating perpetual beauty.
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Parul Wadhwa
Joyous Design
This piece is inspired by the spring season which is the season of blooming flowers that brings joy. The red drops portray the blossoming of buds with the onset of spring.
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Prachi Singhal
Majestic Design
The royal influence is itself seen in the ring explaining its status, elegance, discipline and blue blood. Filled with regal imagination. It borrows a certain dignity and gracefulness which is sufficient to inspire in all aspects.
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