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Students Work
Aakriti Khandelwal
Mythological Forces Design
The 'Mythological Forces' of nature have inspired this design which give birth to life. In similar way the seed of my design gives birth to the flower.
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Anju Verma
Wisteria Lane Design
The blossomed flower, folded with grace. The uniting power, and the radiant surface. Crafted with love, treasured for years. This is mysteria lane, the cherished souvenir.
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Ankur Katyal
Passion Flower Design
In this I have experimented with wirework & enamelling to create this elegant, classic & traditional flower pendant.
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Anshima Agarwal
Blossom Design
Inspired by the flowers that blossom in the rainy season spreading fragrance all around the environment. The drops depict the droplets that shower on the flower and make them look more fresh and pure.
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Aparna Batra
Dancing Peacock Design
The way a peacock dances in the rain and spreads beauty all over. Similarly my piece depicts beauty of life with 'Red' symbolizing 'Power', Yellow spreading 'Happiness', 'Blue-Green' providing 'Harmony - Spirituality' and 'White' giving 'Gust' of peace and patience.
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