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Jewellery Design Courses
Jewellery Design Foundation
Duration: 10 Week (50 Lectures)
The students are introduced to the creative planning of jewels. They will start with basic sketching exercise to understand 3D and transforming their ideas into 3D drawings and later get acquainted with rendering techniques. Introductory lectures on Metallurgy and Gemology, the shape and type of settings, theory and designing of Traditional Indian Jewellery layout and detailing, technical drawings, how to draw precious stones and presentation of ideas are given. These techniques will be explained and then applied in projects to get a better expression of each student’s creativity.

Visits to museums and galleries form an important part of the programme.

Industry Oriented Design

Duration: 10 Week (50 Lectures)

Course has been developed in consultation with industrial partners and as such reflects professional design practice, equipping students with transferable skills demanded by today’s employers. The students will receive a broad and firm grounding in current design trends, principles and core skills. This includes:
  • Sourcing and creating new innovative jewellery designs.
  • Knowledge of international as well as domestic markets.
  • Budget designing according to industry requirements.
  • Improving designing and sketching speed.
  • And most of all creating your own professional industry portfolio to be competitive in the designer market of today.
Computer Aided Design/Rhino

Duration: 6 weeks (30 Lectures)
Has the power and tools to create jewellery in an intuitive and timely manner. From the virtual to reality —CAD will be the tool. Designing is transformed into fun, fluid process with models that can be changed as quickly as the user’s creative imagination. CAD is an advantage to both the designer-manufacturer and the customer.

CAD allows visualisation of design in any desired viewing angle and provides powerful free forming tools that allow high degree of freedom to create artistic and stylish designs. 3-D designs are stored as data files and can be converted into high quality photo realistic rendering picture for design presentation.

Styles Of Jewellery Design

Duration: 5 Weeks (25 Lectures)
Is about the Art and Design in jewellery covering the different periods and countries. The aim is to create an awareness of the cultural background leading to modern trends and styles in design.

The course is about the analysis and examination of jewellery and techniques from primitive ages till the twentieth century. The stylistic changes in fashion offer a great opportunity to understand and learn about the preferences for jewellery, jewels, designs, techniques, materials etc of different epochs.

Based on the lectures, theoretical and practical projects will be an integral part of the course. In this, the students will be guided during their individual or team research. Visit to museums and galleries will offer exposure and inspiration for the entire work process.

The knowledge imparted will help in the future path as a jewellery designer. Designs for the future inspired by past.

Jewellery Design Diploma

Students of Jewellery Design Foundation can opt for Jewellery Design Diploma after the assessment of their work by their respective teachers in the 5th Week of Jewellery Design Foundation Course. All the 4 mentioned design courses are being covered in this and after the successful completion of the courses; students are awarded with Jewellery Design Diploma certificate.
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