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Gemology Courses
Diamonds And Diamond Grading
Duration: 10 Weeks (50 Sessions)
The course provides comprehensive knowledge about Diamonds in all aspects. You will be confident to evaluate Diamonds on lines of the International Diamond Grading System and the famous 4Cs -Carat, Colour, Clarity & Cut. A balanced teaching theory & practical grading of actual diamonds will give a unique experience and a clear understanding of the product.

Coloured Gemstone Identification

Duration: 14 Weeks (70 Sessions)
The student is taken into the fascinating world of gemstones by practical training on identification of a huge variety of real coloured gemstones from all over the world. The laboratory is equipped with professional gem testing instruments on which you will learn the identification of coloured gemstones, distinguish between synthetic/imitation/treated and real gemstones and also learn about occurrence of gems, their inclusions and optical characteristics.

Practical Gemology goes one step further, explaining how to use the tools of gemology & processing information supplied. This is the essence of Gem Identification.

Diploma In Gemology

Duration: 24 Weeks (120 Sessions)
Is a science, art and profession of identifying and evaluating of gemstones and diamonds. It is designed to open doors to the vast subject of Gemstones and is divided into two courses as under
  • Diamonds and Diamond Grading
  • Coloured Gemstone Identification
The above will round off the students education in Diamonds & coloured stones to make him/her a real gemology professional. These courses can be availed individually or as comprehensive Diploma in Gemology.

Diamond Assorting & Valuation

Duration: 4 Weeks (20 Sessions)
Diamond Assorting and Valuation is done on small size diamonds. Focus is mainly given upon making a student market ready. Tripod and eye loupes are the basic tools used for assorting.

Pricing as per Mumbai & Delhi Market.
After doing the course a student will be able to assort mixed diamonds, gain confidence and take up assignments for assortment.

Mumbai, Surat and Delhi market norm and terminology are taught in the course.

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